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English Communication Meeting

  • Meeting time
    • Mondays, 19:00 (tentative)
  • Topic and style
    • Debate
    • Discussion
  • Members
    • Everybody she/he wants

Fiscal 2004

05/07/2004 chair:yoshi-m

This time, we did a kind of "debate". We set the following topic and are divided into affirmative and negative sides.

"Analog watch is better than digital watch." (agree/disagree)

  • proposal (Analog side)
    Analog watch is much easier to read (watch hands).
    Analog watch has longer history than digital watch. 
    You can feel retro when you see alalog clock. e.g.ookina-noppono furudokei.
    Digital watch consume more power than alalog watch.
  • proposal (Digital side)
    You can see minutes without decording.
    Digital watch has human-friendly representation.(Human writes time as digital watch shows)
    Digital watch has many functions. e.g. stop watch, alarm, world time function
    The cost to make digital watch is smaller than analog watch.
  • cross-exam (free style)
    "How do you know am/pm by analog watch?" (D)
    "Some analog watch has many functions."(A)
    "If you add more functions to analog watch, the watch tends to become complicated."(D)
"Nowadays everyone has mobile phone, and people don't seem to need advanced watch."(A)
"Analog watch is more expensive because it is more valuable."(A)
"Even for poor people can buy digital watch."(D)

28/06/2004 chair:tetsu-ta

Discussion: "What things make you happy in life?"

  • tetsu-ta: He feels happy when playing instruments. He plays the guitar, the bass, the violin and the piano. He usually give songs to his friends when she/he gets married. Since usually the songs contained the parts that are for the guitars and vocals, he is planning to add the piano part. Motivated by that he bought a electric piano.
  • sayaka-t: She feels the today's topic is so difficult that she want to be given some ideas about happiness.
  • yoshi-m: After remarking "I feel happy when the prople around me seem to be happy", he said hot spa.s make him happy. He goes to 'Yamato-no-yu' every month where we can enjoy natural hot water coming from Kameyama. To make people happy, he always be joking, laughing, and telling his love stories.
  • atsush-f: He is not satisfied and has never felt he was happy. Although playing volleyball, and spending with his girlfriend makes him to feel something emotional state, he doesn't think that is happiness.
  • tooru-h: Although it might not be happiness, but it is excitement, playing sports makes him happy. Additionally, he feels happy when he saw his girlfriend's smile.
  • ai-a: He likes coding something and thinking something logically and/or mathematically. Therefore he feels happy when he is working at lab.
  • kazuo-h: Since he did not get used to hear the songs of birds every morning, he was surprized when he heard them at the dormitory. It says that living here in Nara gives him a kind of happiness.

Fiscal 2003

  • 23/07/2003 chair: ai-a
  • 16/07/2003 chair: jiajun-y