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  • 2010-06-29 (Tue) 15:10- 1回目
  • 2010-07-06 (Tue) 15:10- 2回目


A707 ゼミ室




2010-06-29 (Tue)

  • 吉田
    • Peilin Zhao and Steven C. H. Hoi
    • OTL: a framework of online transfer learning
    • C. Panagiotakopoulos and P. Tsampouka
    • The margin perceptron with unlearning
  • 新保
    • F. Costa and K. De Grave
    • Fast neighborhood subgraph pairwise distance kernel
  • 坂井
    • B. Snyder and R. Barzilay
    • Climbing the tower of Babel: unsupervised multilingual learning

2010-07-06 (Tue)

  • 松本
    • Joseph K. Bradley and Carlos Guestrin
    • Learning tree conditional random fields
  • 小町
    • Ming-Wei Chang, Vivek Srikumar, Dan Goldwasser, and Dan Roth
    • Structured output learning with indirect supervision
    • L. Song, B. Boots, S. Saddiqi, G. Gordon, and A. Smola
    • Hilbert space embeddings of hidden Markov models
  • 小嵜
    • Wei Liu, Junfeng He, and Shih-Fu Chang
    • Large graph construction for scalable semi-supervised learning