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  • 場所:A707


  • 機械翻訳の研究をしています。特に構文情報を用いた機械翻訳の研究に焦点を当てています。
  • P.Koehn. Statistical Machine Translation. 2010. (CUP) の輪読もしています。
  • NTCIR-9 Patent Translation Task に参加します。


  • 林,雨宮,近藤,水本



11/01/17 15:10- ゼミナール発表練習 近藤 (時間注意)

11/01/13 修士論文進捗報告 近藤

10/12/16 論文 林, 修士論文目次発表練習 雨宮, 近藤

  • Zhifei Li, et al. Variational Decoding for Statistical Machine Translation, ACL 2009.

10/12/09 論文 水本, 進捗 近藤

  • Chris Brockett, William B. Dolan, and Michael Gamon. Correcting ESL Errors Using Phrasal SMT Techniques. COLING/ACL 2006.

10/12/02 論文 近藤, 進捗 雨宮

  • "Soft syntactic constraints for hierarchical phrase-based translation using latent syntactic distributions", Zhongqiang Huang, Martin Cmejrek, Bowen Zhou, EMNLP 2010.

10/11/30 発表練習 林, 近藤

10/11/25 論文 雨宮, 進捗 林

  • Bing Xiang et al., Diversify and Combine: Improving Word Alignment for Machine Translation on Low-Resource Languages, ACL. 2010.

10/11/18 NL研のため中止

10/11/11 論文 林, 進捗 水本

  • Hui Zhang et. al. Fast Translation Rule Matching for Syntax-based Statistical Machine Translation EMNLP-2009.

10/11/04 論文 水本, 進捗 近藤

  • George Foster and Cyril Goutte and Roland Kuhn. Discriminative Instance Weighting for Domain Adaptation in Statistical Machine Translation. EMNLP-2010.

10/10/29 ゼミナール2発表練習 雨宮

10/10/28 論文 近藤, 進捗 雨宮

  • Steve DeNeefe and Kevin Knight. Synchronous Tree Adjoining Machine Translation. EMNLP 2009.

10/10/21 論文 雨宮, 進捗 林

  • Chang Liu and Daniel Dahlmeier and Hwee Tou Ng. TESLA: Translation Evaluation of Sentences with Linear-programming-based Analysis. Proc of the Joint Workshop on Statistical Machine Translation and MetricsMATR, pp.354-359, 2010.

10/10/14 論文 林, 進捗 小町 (shared task の調査)

  • Zhifei Li and Sanjeev Khudanpur., "Forest Reranking for Machine Translation with the Perceptron Algorithm", 2009.

10/10/07 kickoff meeting

  • 今後の予定決め

10/09/09 近藤

  • Sudoh et al., "Divide and Translate: Improving Long Distance Reordering in Statistical Machine Translation", WMT 2010.

10/09/02 林

  • Haitao Mi, Liang Huang, Qun Liu, "Machine Translation with Lattices and Forests", COLING 2010.

10/07/22 林

  • 北 研二,川端 豪,斎藤 博昭, "HMM音韻認識と拡張LR構文解析を用いた連続音声認識". 情報処理学会論文誌. Vol.31. No.3. 1990.

10/07/15 林, 小町

  • Aria Haghighi and Percy Liang and Taylor Berg-Kirkpatrick and Dan Klein. Learning Bilingual Lexicons from Monolingual Corpora. ACL. 2008.


  • Jason Riesa and Daniel Marcu. Hierarchical Search for Word Alignment. ACL. 2010.

10/07/08 林, 近藤

  • Haitao Mi and Qun Liu. Constituency to Dependency Translation with Forests. ACL. 2010.

近藤 (SMT 本)

  • Chapter 4.2.4-

10/07/01 林, 近藤

  • Liang Huang. K-best Knuth algorithm. unpublished. 2005.

近藤 (SMT 本)

  • Chapter 4-4.2.3

10/06/24 小町

  • Michel Galley and Christopher D. Manning. Accurate Non-Hierarchical Phrase-Based Translation. NAACL 2010.

10/06/17 ジェシカ

  • Maja Popovic and Hermann Ney. Syntax-oriented evaluation measures for machine translation output. WMT-09.
  • Preslav Nakov. Improving English-Spanish Statistical Machine Translation: Experiments in Domain Adaptation, Sentence Paraphrasing, Tokenization, and Recasing. WMT-08.

10/06/10 林

  • Liang Huang, David Chiang: Forest Rescoring: Faster Decoding with Integrated Language Model, ACL, 2007

10/06/03 松本

  • Michel Galley, Jonathan Graehl, Kevin Knight, Daniel Marcu, Steve DeNeefe, Wei Wang, Ignacio Thayer: Scalable Inference and Training of Context-Rich Syntactic Translation Models. ACL 2006


  • NL 研でお休み

10/05/20 小町

10/05/13 林

  • Liang Huang, Kevin Knight and Aravind Joshi. Statistical Syntax-Directed Translation with Extended Domain of Locality. AMTA 2006