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  • 時間:月曜15:10-
  • 場所:暫定的にA707


  • 機械翻訳の研究をしています。特に構文情報を用いた機械翻訳の研究に焦点を当てています。
  • P.Koehn. Statistical Machine Translation. 2010. (CUP) の輪読もしています。
  • NTCIR-9 Patent Translation Task に参加します。

主なメンバー (この勉強会で進捗報告する人)

  • 林 (katsuhiko-h), 近藤 (shuhei-k), ビアン (thichinh-t) (松本研)
  • 叶 (takatomo-k), 藤田 (tomoki-f) (中村研)


  • 2012年度は4月にまたアナウンスします
  • IWSLT 2012 に参加する予定です


1/30 Progress reports: thichinh-t

1/23 Paper readings: katsuhiko-h

  • Kevin Gimpel and Noah A. Smith. Quasi-Synchronous Phrase Dependency Grammars for Machine Translation. EMNLP 2011.

1/16 Paper readings: tetsuo-s, Progress reports: shuhei-k

  • David Chiang, Yuval Marton and Philip Resnik. Online Large-Margin Training of Syntactic and Structural Translation Features. EMNLP 2008.

12/26 (Mon) 15:10- Paper readings: shuhei-k, Progress reports: thichinh-t

  • Michel Galley and Christopher D. Manning. Accurate Non-Hierarchical Phrase-Based Translation. NAACL 2010.

12/19 (Mon) 15:10- Paper readings: thichinh-t, Progress reports: katsuhiko-h

  • Fei Xia and Michael McCord. Improving a Statistical MT System with Automatically Learned Rewrite Patterns. COLING 2004.

12/12 (Mon) 15:10- Paper readings: katsuhiko-h, Presentation rehearsal: tomoki-f

  • Machine Translation as Lexicalized Parsing with Hooks Liang Huang他,IWPT06

12/05 (Mon) 15:10- Paper readings: takatomo-k, Progress reports: thichinh-t, NTCIR poster rehearsal: shuhei-k

  • Andrew Finch and Eiichiro Sumita. A Bayesian Model of Bilingual Segmentation for Transliteration. IWSLT 2010.

11/28 (Mon) 15:10- Paper readings: thichinh-t, Presentation rehearsal: takatomo-k, NTCIR poster rehearsal: shuhei-k

  • Poornima C, Dhanalakshmi V, Anand Kumar M and Soman K P. Rule based Sentence Simplification for English to Tamil Machine Translation System. IJCA 2011.

(11/21 will be canceled because we have 研究会 on Monday due to the Thanksgiving holiday on 11/23)

11/14 (Mon) 15:10- Paper readings: tomoki-f, Progress reports: katsuhiko-h

  • David Chiang. A Hierarchical Phrase-Based Model for Statistical Machine Translation. ACL 2005.

(11/07 will be canceled due to IJCNLP)

10/31 (Mon) 15:10- Paper readings: katsuhiko-h, Progress reports: shuhei-k

  • Stephen Clark, Julia Hockenmaier and Mark Steedman. Building Deep Dependency Structures with a Wide-Coverage CCG Parser. ACL 2002.

10/24 (Mon) 15:10- Paper readings: shuhei-k

  • Karthik Visweswariah, Rajakrishnan Rajkumar, Ankur Gandhe, Ananthakrishnan Ramanathan, Jiri Navratil. A Word Reordering Model for Improved Machine Translation. EMNLP 2011.

2011/08/01 試験前休み

2011/07/25 進捗報告 (近藤 and ビアン)

2011/07/18 海の日休み

2011/07/11 Koehn 本 11章 木ベースモデル (林) 11.3.2から

2011/07/04 Koehn 本 11章 木ベースモデル (林)

  • 11.3.2まで

2011/06/27 ACLのため休み

2011/06/20 ACLのため休み

2011/06/13 Koehn 本 6章 デコーディング (近藤)

2011/06/06 Koehn 本 5章 フレーズベースモデル (小町)

2011/05/30 人工知能学会全国大会が水曜日にあるため研究会を月曜日に開催するので休み

2011/05/23 Koehn 本 4章 単語ベースモデル (松本)

2011/05/16 NL研のため休み

2011/05/09 15:10- (小町) kickoff meeting @ A707


Statistical Machine Translation 本の目次

  1. Introduction
  2. Words, Sentences, Corpora
  3. Probability Theory
  4. Word-Based Models (松本)
  5. Phrase-Based Models (小町)
  6. Decoding (近藤)
  7. Language Models
  8. Evaluation
  9. Discriminative Training
  10. Integrating Linguistic Information
  11. Tree-Based Models (林)