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データマイニング (data mining; DM) と機械学習 (machine learning; ML) とリンク解析 (link analysis; LA) に関する談話会.


火曜 15:30- endless 進捗報告・文献紹介など




4/17 キックオフ

4/24 motonobu-k

Smola, A. J., Gretton, A., Song, L., and Scholkopf, B.,

A Hilbert Space Embedding for Distributions,

Algorithmic Learning Theory, E. Takimoto (Eds.), Lecture Notes on Computer Science, Springer, 2007

5/8 ai-a

5/15 yuya-y

Raykar, V.C. and Yu, S. and Zhao, L.H. and Jerebko, A. and Florin, C. and Valadez, G.H. and Bogoni, L. and Moy, L.

Supervised learning from multiple experts: Whom to trust when everyone lies a bit

Proceedings of the 26th Annual International Conference on Machine Learning

5/29 takuo-h

6/5 論文紹介: shimbo, 発表練習: ryo-ko

6/12 論文紹介: ryo-ko, 発表練習: takuo-h

6/19 ryo-ko

Wang, C., and Mahadevan, S.

A general framework for manifold alignment.

AAAI Fall Symposium on Manifold Learning and its Applications.

6/26 yuya-y

7/3 takaaki-s, sorami-h, tomohiro-w

7/10 yutaro-s, akifumi-y

7/17 takuo-h

7/24 会議: 今後のDMLAについて

7/31 進捗報告: ryo-ko

10/9 講演

10/16 EMNLP読み会

10/23 講演

10/30 report: takuo-h, paper: yutaro-s

yutaro-s: テンソルのNLPへの応用についてのサーベイ

11/6 report: sorami-h, paper: tomohiro-w

Wei Liu, Jun Wang, Sanjiv Kumar, and Shih-Fu Chang,

"Hashing with Graphs,"

Proceedings of the 28th International Conference on Machine Learning, Bellevue, WA, USA, 2011.

11/9 11:00- rehearsal: akifumi-y, ippei-y

11/13 rehearsal: akifumi-y, paper: sorami-h

Joseph Turian, Lev Ratinov, Yoshua Bengio. "Word representations: A simple and general method for semi-supervised learning" ACL 2010

11/20 report: takaaki-s, paper: shimbo

11/27 report: takuo-h,yuya-y paper: ippei-y

12/4 paper: yutaro-s, report: tomohiro-w

12/11 paper: yutaro-s

Paramveer Dhillon, Jordan Rodu, Dean Foster and Lyle Ungar.

"Two Step CCA: A new spectral method for estimating vector models of words,"

ICML (International Conference on Machine Learning), Edinburgh, U.K, July 2012.

1/15 report: sorami-h, paper: takaaski-s

Wei Liu, Shih-Fu Chang.

"Robust Multi-Class Transductive Learning with Graphs"

CVPR (IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition), 2009.

1/22 shimbo

1/29 yutaro-s


Akihiro Tamura, Taro Watanabe, and Eiichiro Sumita

Bilingual Lexicon Extraction from Comparable Corpora Using Label Propagation

EMNLP 2012, 2012.

2/5 shimbo

2/12 yutaro-s


2/26 takuo-h


3/5 ai-a